The film will describe the electric, or rather electromagnetic, nature of the human body, discuss what this means for the future of medicine, and the way we have indiscriminately exposed ourselves to electromagnetic fields. Our intrinsic electromagnetic nature is truly fascinating and there are many conformations of this, now going back quite some time in history.

Knowing that we are electromagnetic in nature should eventually provide for an eventual revolution within medicine. Specific therapies that will be featured in the documentary have already been shown to be effective in a number of clinical trials. These treatments do not have the adverse effects associated with currently available alternatives. But progress with the use of electroceuticals of various kinds has been slow. Not because of the available technology, but because we have been perhaps too focussed on the biochemistry at the neglect of the electromagnetic reality. 

While the introduction of the therapeutic techniques has been hindered, the use of electromagnetic devices and wireless technology for personal and business use has been just the opposite - completely unhindered. We have dramatically changed our electromagnetic environment and almost every single person in the world is now continuously exposed to potentially harmful radio frequency electromagnetic signals. The health authorities tell us that there are no biological effects below the tissue heating threshold, however, numerous studies going back decades tell us that this simply is not true.

There is an urgent need for the general public to be better informed about the type of exposures that could be harmful and also the potential associated with the appropriate use of therapeutic applications.

There is so much information available on these subjects but not yet in an easily accessible form that can be consumed by a general audience.  Of course, that is the beauty of a documentary film. In just one hour people can become well informed.



East Meets West

Many researchers now think the electrical system of the body is similar to the concept of 'chi' (or 'qi') energy described in Traditional Chinese Medicine for more than 2,000 years.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the vital energy 'chi' circulates through channels or meridians. This concept is analogous to the biologically closed electrical circuits that were described by Professor Bjorn Nordenstrom (who was the chairman of the committee for the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine). 

For many years, a battle has raged between eastern and western approaches to medicine. The west having a requirement to measure everything and document evidence, and the East being more holistic and perhaps more philosophical in nature.

Understanding the body electric could finally bridge the gap between these two different paradigms. And the future of medicine could incorporate the best of both.