Could this Simple Technique be More Powerful than Drugs?

There is evidence everywhere confirming we are electric in nature. And this understanding could lead to a complete change in the way medicine is practiced - if we embrace it.

When I was making the Body Electric documentary film I wanted to include something about grounding - the simple act of connecting the body to the earth in order to balance the body’s electrical charge.  It didn’t make it into the final film, therefore I was delighted when I recently found the film The Grounded on FMTV.

The Grounded tells the story of filmmaker Steve Kroschel’s personal discovery of the benefits of Earthing and how it affected him and others in the small town of Haines in the rural wilderness of Alaska. 

The filmmakers conduct various experiments on plants, however, I was most intrigued by the experiment they did on blood viscosity, shown in the clip above. This somewhat reminds me of the work of Professor Gerald Pollack at the University of Washington who I interviewed in 2016.

The film has been criticized by some for the way some of the interviews were done. I agree that the interviews done with those who were skeptical could have been done differently and one interviewee was in my view a poor choice. Especially considering the experience the filmmaker has working for National Geographic. There are also moments where I couldn’t help wondering if the film is a little over dramatized in the creative atmosphere of the movie. The benefits experienced by so many people in the film do appear to be completely genuine. Its just the creative style that, for me at least, can feel a little dramatized.

Having said that, I would very highly recommended watching the film. It is a good illustration of the electric nature of all life and the simple technique of earthing good make a huge difference in the lives of millions of people.

The Grounded can be seen on FMTV by signing up for a 10 day free trial here.

Just search for The Grounded once signed-up.  You will find other videos on there about grounding too.