The Sound of Your Body’s Cells Talking

Life is fundamentally electric. One of the many examples of this can be seen (or rather heard) in the way that cells communicate. In the short video below we can firstly hear the rather coarse sound from nerve cells that many scientists are familiar with. Because the spikes of the sound are about the same frequency of the human voice, we cannot recognise the detail that exists within the sound. However, when it is expanded (effectively slowed down) we can hear the fascinating intricacies of cell to cell communication.  

The understanding of the body electric is important because there is an urgent need for us to understand the types of exposure that are therapeutic and the kind that are harmful. 

Over a very short period of time, we have allowed ourselves to become bathed in electromagnetic fields that are billions of times greater than the background levels humans evolved in. We are told that there is nothing to worry about because the levels are still not high enough to cause a biological effect. 

However, we have known for decades that levels way below current exposure levels have a biological effect. In fact, some frequencies have been shown to have a therapeutic effect, for example against cancer - as explained by Professor Boris Pasche here.

So, what is healthy and what is detrimental? The Body Electric documentary asks the world leading experts what we know already.