Radiation from Mobile Devices and the effects on people and the planet

The debate about the potential health effects associated with cell phones and other wireless devices is not a new one, however, in recent years there has been growing concern among doctors and scientists, not just about the potential cancer risks, but also the effects on reproduction, on wildlife, and the environment.



The potential effects on human reproduction are of particular concern. Recent data has shown alarming reductions in male fertility in the Western world, with a 60% reduction in sperm count. Reduced sperm count and quality, as well as reproduction problems in women, have been linked to cell phone use.




The movie Children of Men (2006, Director Alfonso Cuardn) depicts a dystopian world set in 2027 where human reproduction is no longer possible.  The world rapidly loses hope and falls into chaos. 

In the movie, no one knows exactly what has caused the infertility - a range of potential causes are briefly mentioned. Interestingly, no one has a cell phone. This could simply be because of the chaos and a breakdown in the network. Or did the script writers somehow have a premonition regarding the effects of electromagnetic radiation from wireless devices?

The existence of a fertility problem in the present day may come as a surprise to many people, since discussions have generally focused on overpopulation. However, according to the United Nations, “in recent years, fertility has declined in virtually all areas of the world” and “significant ageing of the population in the next several decades is projected for most regions of the world”.

Population growth and density are complex subjects and there are several important contributing factors to decreasing fertility rates. One of the aims of this film is to investigate how much of this could be due to the phenomenal increase in exposure to electromagnetic radiation from mobile devices. Are we witnessing an unnatural selection where the natural pattern of evolution of all life is being altered by man-made electromagnetic pollution? In the last 10 years humans have increased the amount of radiation of this kind by a factor of a quintillion (1,000,000,000,000,000,000 times more radiation).

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There is also a considerable amount of additional important information that has not yet been brought into the discussion. In particular, in relation to the actual mechanisms of action whereby electromagnetic fields from mobile devices affect biology.

Considering our ever increasing use of wireless devices this is an issue that needs to be investigated urgently. Health authorities have repeatedly stated "more research is needed" but scientists who want to continue to research this area have had their departments closed down and they have been personally retired off early.

This has very recently happened to Professor Olle Johansson at the Karolinska institute - a prominent researcher in the field of electromagnetic field safety, who last November was forced to retire prematurely.  In fact, looking back into the history of this subject we see that this is a familiar pattern, Other prominent researchers including Ross Adey, Robert Becker and Henry Lai have been subject to silencing attempts or have had funding cut.

  Professor Olle Johansson is the latest in a list of prominent EMF researchers who have had thier research department closed down, despite health authorities claiming "more research is needed"   .

Professor Olle Johansson is the latest in a list of prominent EMF researchers who have had thier research department closed down, despite health authorities claiming "more research is needed".

The authorities that regulate this area are working on the basis that there are no biological effects below the tissue heating threshold. However, biological effects occur at intensities more than 1000 times lower than that of a mobile phone. As discussed in the documentary film BODY ELECTRIC. But the potential health risks are not just related to the intensity of the signal - they also depend on the other characteristics such as the frequency.

the documentary film will not be anti-technology, quite the contrary

The aim of this documentary film is to undertake a deep and balanced investigation into the potential health effects of wireless devices. Then, to investigate how the technology might be advanced in order to mitigate the risks and what are the best precautions for individual people to take.



In this video you can actually hear the sound of the body's cells talking. This is a reminder of how much electromagnetic communication takes place within the body. Thinking about this, it is not a huge surprise that the human body is susceptible to electromagnetic signals from wireless devices.