Executive Producer

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Executive Producer


(approximately US$11,300)

Be our Executive Producer!

Also includes:

  • A 45-60 minute consultation (via Skype) with a world leading expert on EMF safety. This can include both technical and health related discussions to advise how best to configure your school, workplace or home to minimise the risks of injury from EMF exposure.
  • A copy of the film supporters limited edition Unnatural Selection DVD
  • HD digital download
  • An additional 10 copies of the DVD to give to family, friends, or colleagues
  • Exclusive access to the online premiere before the film is released.
  • Invitation to any film premiere or festival screening.
  • Your Executive Producer credit will appear on the film poster, DVD cover, as well as the film itself.


Depending on the available budget the film will be entered into one or more film festivals, or a film premiere will be arranged. As Executive Producer will be have the option to attend these.

Estimated delivery: Sept 18

If you would like to contribute at this level but have an alternative idea for the rewards package, please contact Justin Smith

The DVD will be in the correct format (PAL/NTSC) for your country.)

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